BCL Philosophy

BCL believes that true lasting beauty is achieved from the inside out and anything else is only skin deep. Our 5 body senses define how we feel, and how we feel defines how we look. Manisation and PediSation treatment systems uniquely and strategically utilize the body's 5 senses to promote total wellness of mind, body and soul as it soothes the emotions of customer and technician alike.
We believe that personal care is an important part of living and our trained technicians have your quality of life in mind. Dedicated to making your experience satisfying on every level. Along with interactive touch and massage, our treatment services are designed to entice the senses of smell, sight, sound and even taste.

An experience that touches the essence of your being!

BCL Products

ManiSation is the first paraben-free formula with natural extracts to deliver instant prfessional results. This citrus, vitamin & antioxidant rich manicure treatment system is as easy to use as it is innovative.

PediSation sanitizes, soothes, smoothes and restores as it promotes new cell geneartion. This lavender & tea tree oil aromatherapy pedicure system offers the added miracle healing benefits of arnica and shea butter.

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